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Heart Rate Training Simplified

I am proud to bring you the highest-rated, most accurate heart rate monitoring technology on the market!

MYZONE® is an innovative wearable heart rate-based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity.

MYZONE® uses a unique formula to calculate your target heart rate so that you can put forth your maximum effort during every workout. The technology used in the monitor itself is so “smart,” that the monitor will automatically adjust your target heart rate the more you workout and the fitter you become.

While the calculation plays a big part in your targeted range, YOUR fitness level determines where these numbers will take you. 

The MYZONE® monitors are not just for use inside the studio–you can use them anywhere, including during virtual workouts! The MZ3 belt will store up to 16 hours of data that you can sync to your phone at a later time, allowing you to workout anywhere and everywhere!

The MYZONE® App allows you to view your stats live–while in training–and then store all your workout data. You can rate your performance, connect with our entire community of MYZONE® users, “like” and encourage others’ workout efforts, and easily keep track of your MEPs (MYZONE® Effort Points).

Using MYZONE® in conjunction with our tailored training packages  is a proven winner.

Want to learn more and receive the Amy O Fit discount? Click 'BUY NOW' to join our MYZONE® community!

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