• Amy Osik

Setting Goals In Uncertain Times

Things are a little chaotic, not quite "normal" and frankly a little uncomfortable. Setting goals, having goals or even trying to do something for yourself may seem selfish or overwhelming while some are suffering, jobless or flat out depressed.

One key take-away I have from this week though is that no matter how you are coping you cannot efficiently run your life without a goal. Even if it's a small one. We don't need to conquer the world in a day but we do need to feel good at the end of our day. It's satisfying going to bed knowing I accomplished at least ONE thing that moves the needle slightly towards a better life.

One thing I always suggest is setting small goals. They aren't overwhelming or daunting. They seem realistic and achievable. It doesn't mean you don't have larger goals or a "5 year plan" but it does mean we're going to break those big goals down so that each day/week you have a sense of accomplishment that keeps you going.

How many times have you set a huge goal only to fail and feel miserable because you couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel? I've done it...a lot. Switching over to smaller goals, making lists and prioritizing what was important turned that huge goal into a daily routine. That daily routine is slightly moving the needle every day so that huge goal suddenly seems achievable.

Right now there are a lot of things in the air. School, jobs, childcare, even if it's safe to take vacations or go to dinner but you have the ability to control where your energy goes. Are you going to let all of those uncertainties stress you to the point of anxiety and depression or are you going to make a small goal to control something that is important to you?

I would love to hear what your goals are, big or small.

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