• Amy Osik

Take a Load Off: The Weight We Carry

Talking about weight is much more than what we carry on our body physically, what about the mental weight we carry with us daily. The burden on our shoulders, the weight that gives us headaches or makes us snippy. The weight that can’t always be seen or judged by the size of our pants.

For me one of the things I carry can feel heavy on Monday and disappear quickly on Wednesday just to come back by Friday. There may not be an apparent reason but it happens.

If we think about what causes these cycles a few things come to mind that can make the burden seem heavier on some days:

1. The state of my house. Nothing drives me crazier or makes me snippier than a chaotic house. I’m home almost ALL the time now and I just cannot be productive if the house is in shambles. I cannot thoroughly clean every day; I can barely manage to vacuum once a week but I can take control of small pieces at a time. One small break leads to a quick tidying of a closet, lunch time leads to a once-over on the kitchen, Tuesdays I tackle bathrooms. Break it up however you need to but I will say there is nothing better than getting your shit together at home. If you can relax in your space both mentally and physically it will help in all other aspects.

2. Money! Some times if we’re feeling like our life isn’t together we may be more tempted to do something radical….like spend money we don’t have. This can quickly lead to feelings of anger and self-loathing. You do not need to be “rich” to be happy. Repeat it. You may feel like you NEED another item to store in your house, closet or cabinets but do you really? The less stuff you buy the easier it is to maintain #1 above and maintaining #1 can lead to feelings of peace and calm. #saynotostuff

3. Food. Now this can directly impact the weight we physically carry but when you look at it from the emotional side how many times a week do you “reward” yourself because you had a tough day only to feel like bloated death 2 hours later. How much control do you really feel like you have over food. Does it run your life or do you feel good about eating in moderation? I’m all for a balanced diet, not encouraging deprivation or ‘dieting’ but there should be some control over it. Someone once told me (very bluntly) “you’re not a dog, don’t reward yourself with food”. I carry this nugget of advice with me everywhere.

The weight we carry is different for everyone. Above are just some ideas to get you started on really thinking about what it is that’s holding you back. Stop endless scrolling, gain control, be productive and take care of yourself.

I’d love to hear what weight you plan to unload this week.

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